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Joe Samuel, Frederick, JoeFS, JJPH, Techie Avenue, Founder
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Joe Samuel

With a high intellectual curiosity and detail oriented work ethic, I utilize strong analytical thinking and optimization techniques to formulate and strategize solutions tailored to the problem at hand. From web development technologies and micro-controller programming to crafting the world’s most powerful Temporal Event Annotator Framework, I go beyond the common curriculum to advance my understanding in a variety of technology-based fields.

Currently in my fourth year of my undergraduate studies in Software Engineering at Carleton University, I’ve been able to build brands such as Celestial Fusion (formerly JJPH) – A creative foundry for solutions ranging from business and technology to fashion and designTechie Avenue – The world’s first Publisher-as-a-Service, and Mirage Label – A designer fashion house for those who PERSIST AND PERSEVERE.

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