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Techie Avenue Reboot

About This Project

Learning from the two years of feedback and usage patterns, I wanted to reinvent what it meant to be part of Techie Avenue from the ground up. With a focus on user experience and performance, Techie Avenue was specifically optimized for mobile, tablets, the desktop and beyond. I further worked on creating a new business model from the ground up reducing the focus on advertisements which can often cause a cluttered user experience and create a more incentive based support system in the form of a merchandise store. Techie Avenue further harnesses the power of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) globally to have an equivalent performance no matter where the user is located.

Publishing on over 15 social and publishing platforms worldwide, Techie Avenue has significantly grown the scale of publishing articles and editorials which in some cases are optimized for the platform itself (Facebook’s Instant Articles). Techie Avenue has so much to offer, its hard to list out every new feature and service. It’s yours to explore!

Design, Websites