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My name is Joe Samuel and I’m currently doing my undergraduate studies in Software Engineering. My passions include but certainly not limited to technology, business, automobile, aerospace and finance industries. With the dynamic and ever-growing industry, technology continues to play a central role in people’s modern lifestyle and helps connect the world for a better tomorrow. Feel free to look around and find out more about me and what I do!

About Me

My interests
Business Development

From scratch to an international brand with a focused mission, I enjoy building businesses from the ground up to get their vision heard and empower global communities.


From user experience and interaction design to the glamorous world of fashion, I take a detail-centric approach towards design understanding physiology and data to design truly unique concepts.


Writing is a passion of mine pertinent to technology and business.

Media Production

A filmmaker at heart, cinematography is not just a hobby but is second nature to my work.

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